Mr. Spliff of Cannabis

At Mr. Spliff of Cannabis and Frost City Gardens we believe that “Perspective Leads to Approach!” We have seen hundreds of cuts of cannabis. We have started thousands of seeds. We have smoked countless crosses and originals. From this we developed the Frost City Gardens Collection. We have an abundance of Sour Kush and Diesels with many original cuts of OG kush and Cookies. We add to that many other classic Haze crosses and cuts that built the West Coast. Our Perspective has been developed over many years and through many seasons. Our Approach to breeding is simple. It has to be Absolute Fire and it has to be dominated by Sour and Fuel. The EVERGREEN is our flagship creation that is a Menthol Sour Diesel Kush!

We are a family minded group of spiritual folks that truly strive to add integrity and passion to the world. Our team is composed of Spliff Queen, OG Dirt Beard and Mr. Spliff of Cannabis. There are many people who stand by our sides and without them our continued work would not be possible. We invite you to be a part of our blessing at Frost City Gardens!

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